Insights | DNA Segmentation

Our research experts will examine your needs and guide you through our unique audience segmentation approach.

At Audience Precision, we have developed a global audience segmentation model.

We can provide you with a 360-degree view of each audience segment across every country in the world.  

We know who they are and where to find them.

We know what brands and products they buy, and why.

We know what they value as consumers, and what their attitudes are towards important issues affecting your business.

We can tell you where exactly to target them, on the platforms they are most engaged, at the best time of day.

We can analyse 35,000 data points for each audience segment ... so it really is a deep dive.

This service helps you:

  • Quickly and easily get the information you need to understand your potential customers and how to market to them.
  • Identify opportunities or gaps in the market for your products or services
  • Break down broad behavioural market research into more accurate and targeted segments based on a range of other factors.