Media Strategy

When it comes to marketing, understanding what your audience wants is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need to ensure that any media plans you create are ideally matched to your audience.

This is where our Precise360 platform solution can help. After gathering in-depth information about your media and marketing objectives, we then conduct rigorous analysis in order to deliver audience insights and recommend the most effective channels and media properties for your campaign.

Once an ideal campaign has been formulated, we provide you with a media schedule and operational plan, which can be executed by our internal media team, or your own external media buying partner.

This service helps you: 

  • Bring all your media campaigns into one, central location. 
  • Take a detailed look at the media body language of your audience.
  • Build out robust and detailed channel plans against particular audience segments, detailing granular media property selections.
  • Estimate reach, frequency and connections based on market rates and client benchmarks for each channel.
  • Create multiple campaign scenarios to determine which channel plan works best for which campaign.
  • Create a clear operational channel plan for your operations team to follow through.