Operations and Business Intelligence

While having a sound strategy is vital, it’s also important to ensure your strategy is carried through – from start to finish.

It’s why we offer our Operations and Business Intelligence service – through which our skilled team can take care of your media buying, across any channels and in any market, on your behalf.

Our skilled team will provide a range of reports to indicate the performance of your activity, including daily snapshots of live activity, footprint reporting following a campaign, quarterly segments insights and bespoke reporting.

This service helps you: 

  • Ensure you’re making the very most of your marketing budget
  • Reduce error rates and data leakage when executing campaigns
  • Streamline and consolidate all of your media and marketing activity at every step
  • Manage all of your media buying, optimisation and reporting via the one, central location
  • Gain access to our highly experienced team with deep understanding of every segment
  • Receive access to our bi-annual client benchmarking reports