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What we do

Audience Precision is an experienced, independent and reputable media consultancy and technology business based in Sydney, Australia. Our team contributes decades of media buying, analysis and planning expertise.

Fundamentally, our unique audience segmentation model allows us to go well beyond standard demographic media planning/buying across all types of media.

We achieve this by using our highly innovative proprietary technology to help you connect your brand with the right customers, in the right channel and context, as well as nurturing your prospects throughout the marketing funnel.

Our Services

DNA Segmentation

Our sophisticated DNA Segmentation model gives you deep insights into the lifestyle and behavioural patterns of your potential buyer groups, including their media consumption habits, product preferences and much more.


Operations and Business Intelligence

Our skilled, in-house team can take care of your media buying across all media channels and in any market. Our data experts will provide various reports, from daily snapshots of live activity through to post campaign, quarterly insights and bespoke reports.


Data Science

Achieving exceptional audience profiling requires in-depth data analysis. Our expert team can leverage a range of innovative technologies, including bespoke attribution modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to ultimately predict campaign success from the beginning.


Media Strategy

Using our proprietary technology, we create highly effective media plans against your potential audience segments. Our team will nominate the most effective channels and properties, and if required, can execute the strategy on your behalf.


Nurture Marketing

Whether you’re just getting started and need help choosing your marketing technology/ MarTech, or if you already have your technology in place and need help operating it, we can help you nurture existing customers to drive more long-term loyalty via Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud services.