About us

At Audience Precision, we leverage our proprietary technology to help businesses optimise their marketing by targeting the right customers, via the right channels, at precisely the right time.

Whether across TV or radio, cinema or OOH, mobile or desktop, video or display, search or social, our propriety Microsoft based, and Roy Morgan Research and IPSOS fuelled audience segmentation model, connects your brand with new and highly qualified customers ensuring higher conversion rates and significantly lower costs of acquisition.

Unlike other media agencies, we are committed to nurturing your prospects all the way through the conversion funnel by harnessing the power of marketing automation. Ultimately, your media dollars will deliver higher impact to a better-quality audience at a reduced wastage whilst still delivering conversions at scale.

We help businesses eliminate wasted marketing spend, improve the customer experience, and drive long-term customer loyalty. We can also provide a range of value-add services to help our clients more effectively create and execute their marketing campaigns and we adopt innovative techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to provide highly valuable, predictive insights.  

When you choose to work with Audience Precision, you’re working with a highly experienced, technically-capable team with extensive experience in the advertising, media, marketing and research sectors.