We have a proven track record of bringing our strategy guidance tools to our clients media campaigns to deliver them superior results.


About us

Why Audience Precision?

We’ve built Australia’s only Strategy and Media Intelligence Advisory

Audience Precision was born out of the need to transform the traditional paradigms of media strategy, planning, and buying, to keep pace with today’s ever-changing media landscape.

The need to ensure the process, the thinking, the rigour, methodology and implementation of this approach, keeps pace with today’s consumer and their media consumption.

Leveraging data led insights to deliver predictive thinking that transforms media strategy, planning and buying, to precisely find and attract your current and future customers.

Our Values

Be Part of the Solution

Listen to All Ideas

Live and breathe the Start-Up mentality

Treat our Clients' money as if it were our Own

standards are our way of life


For our clients...

Over the years we have delivered...


Global Expansion

Global expansion for a start-up FMCG brand


Increased Sales

Back orders of 6-months for an iconic Australian fashion brand in the New York market


Music Listened

10x per capita sales more than any other country for a global music artist


More Leads

Brand integration partnership that delivered +147% more leads


Media Value

Negotiated media value of 7x ROI for a new brand entrant


All by our...

Disruptive approach to brand marketing

And it all starts with identifying and then a complete understanding of our clients' high propensity customers


What do our clients and partners say about us?

"When it comes to media campaigns, Audience Precision's Precise360® strategy guidance software has been ground-breaking for us."

Paul Gloster

CMO at Lyre's Spirits

"Audience Precision's Precise360® software platform... It really is a game changer in many ways. Firstly, they help us identify future fans and their preferred communication styles, for both our domestic and global artists which allows us to deliver a pipeline of growth."

Simon Cahill

SVP Commercial, Audience & Media at Warner Music Group

"We’ve worked with them to integrate our attention metrics into Audience Precision's Precise360® strategy guidance software, and they have cracked the code to bring it to the forefront of what they create for their clients."

Karen Nelson-Field PHD

Founder & CEO at Amplified Intelligence


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